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LIID-199.1 Origins Edition
LIID-191 X-Men Mashups
LIID-190 Comic Book Cover Homages
LIID-189 Avenger Time, C mon, Grab Your Frie
LIID-188 Spider-Man Team-Ups
LIID-187 Superhero Spring Break
LIID-186 Comic Book Characters Wrestlers An
LIID-185 Muppet Mash-Ups
LIID-184 Comic Book Tribute to GWAR
LIID-183 Western Re-Designs of Manga Anime C
LIID-182 Male Superheroes in Female Superher
LIID-181 2013 March M.O.D.O.K. Madness
LIID-180 Internet Memes, Comic Book Style
LIID-179 Saturday Morning Cartoons, Comic Bo
LIID-178 Comic Book Music Album Homages
LIID-177 Valentine s Day Comic Book Love Con
LIID-176 Comic Book Video Game Mash-Ups
LIID-175 Comic Book Characters Hanna-Barbera
LIID-174 Gender-Swapped Comic Book Character
LIID-173 Marvel Comics Meets Star Wars
LIID-172 Classic Paintings, Line it is Drawn
LIID 171-Comic Book Movie Casting From the Past
LIID-170 Happy Holidays
LIID-169 Doctor Who 50th Anniversary
LIID-168 Real Life Female Superheroes
LIID-167 Thanksgiving Leftovers
LIID-166 The Line Searches for Bigfoot
LIID-165 Tribute to Nick Cardy
LIID-164 Tribute to Lou Reed
LIID-163 Happy Halloween From the Line
LIID-162 Crisis on Infinite Munchs
LIID-161 The Funny Pages, LIID style
LIID-160 Welcome Back to Hostess
LIID-159 South Park Comic Book Mash-Ups
LIID 158 - Adios to Breaking Bad
LIID 157 - 50 Years of Avengers X-Men
LIID 156 - Dream Creative Teams
LIID 155 - What If?
LIID 154 Bad Superhero Movie Casting
LIID 153 Anthropomorphic Superheroes
LIID 152 Muppet Superhero Mashups
LIID 151 Teen Titans Team Ups
LIID 150 Comic Book Cover Homages
LIID 149 Wolverine Team Ups
LIID 148 - Dr. Seuss Comic Books
LIID 147 Richard Matheson Tribute
LIID 146 Kim Thompson Tribute
LIID 145 Summer Vacation
LIID 144 Go Team Venture
LIID 143 Superman Team-Ups
LIID 142 It s Adventure Time
LIID 141 Rejected Children s Books
LIID 140 Star Trek Mash-Ups
LIID 139 A Tribute to Ray Harryhausen
LIID 138 Game of Thrones
LIID 137 Classic Music Videos
LIID 136 at the Movies a Roger Ebert Tribute
LIID 135 Bruce Timm End of an era
LIID 134 Carmine Infantino Tribute
LIID 133 Angry Birds super hero style
LIID 132 2013 March MODOK Madness
LIID 131 - Comic Book Amalgamations 2013
LIID - 130 Song Lyrics Comic Book Characters
LIID - 129 Spirit-Style Comic Book Pin-Ups
LIID 128 Music Album Cover Homages
LIID 127 - Superheroes Break Bad
LIID 126 - Valentine's Day 2013
LIID 125 - Rock and Roll Superheroes
LIID 124 - A Punderful tribute to Peter Davi
LIID 123 - Post-Apocalyptic comic-book chara
LIID 114 - Disney buys Star Wars
LIID 122 - Classic Marvel Moments
LIID 121 Marvel Now New No 1's
LIID 120 - Happy Holidays
LIID 119 - Action Historical Figures
LIID 118 - Li'l Comic Book Characters
LIID 117 - A Fond Farewell To Hostess
LIID 116 - Tarzan 100th Anniversary
LIID 115 - James Bond 50th anniversary
LIID 113 - Halloween Special
LIID 112 Marvel Family Tribute
LIID 111 Comic Book Characters and Buffy
LIID 110 Comic Book Characters B:TAS Style
LIID 109 Comic Book Characters and Shakespeare
LIID 108 Comic Book Characters And Emmy Nomi
LIID 107 - Comic Book Characters Mashed Up W
LIID 106 - Cover homages
LIID 99 Era-Displaced Comic Book Characters
LIID 105 - Superheroes get new side-kicks
LIID 104 New Jobs for Comic Book Characters
LIID 102: Joe Kubert Tribute
LIID 101 - Superheroes 101
LIID 100 - 100th Issue Celebration
LIID 98 Comic Book Star Trek Mashups
LIID 97 Comic Book Characters Noir-Style
LIID 96 Comic Book Community Mashups
LIID 95 Ray Bradbury SciFi Author Tribute
LIID 94 Alternate Reality Character Designs
LIID 93 Cross-Company Team-Ups
LIID 92 Conan Tribute to Ernie Chan
LIID 91 Jonah Hex Tribute to Tony DeZuniga
LIID 90 Beastie Boys Comic Book Style
LIID 89 Great Powers Theft of 2012
LIID 88 Comic Book Characters on Reality Shows
LIID 87 What Would Their Kid Look Like
LIID 86 Classic Paintings Comic Book Style
LIID 85 Avengers vs. X-Men - With a Twist
LIID 84 Comic Book Dream Casting
LIID 83 Comic Book What Ifs
LIID 82 March MODOK Madness
LIID 81 Comic Book Star Wars Mashups
LIID 80 Wild World of Sports Comic Book Style
LIID 79 Male Superheroes Female Costumes
LIID 78 Music Album Cover Homages
LIDD 77 AFTER Watchmen
LIID 76 Freedom Of Speech With Lady Liberty
LIID 75 Anniversary Issues That Will Never Be
LIID 74 Comic Book Characters and NickToons
LIID 73 Comic Book Characters in Different Eras
LIID 72 Comic Book Dr. Who Mashup
LIID 71 Comic Book Harry Potter Mashup
LIID 70 Christmas 2011
LIID - Try-Out Week 5
LIID - Try-Out Week 4
LIID - Try-Out Week 3
LIID - Try-Out Week 2
LIID - Try-Out Week 1
LIID - The Original Series


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Chronicler-of-Soul Featured By Owner May 30, 2015
How do I suggest ideas?
(I'm no artist. Is it still possible to contribute in some way?)
DavidJacobDuke Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Ditto, would love to join the group.
narfboy Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Professional General Artist
HI Gang, I'm one of the new Liners, can I join the group?
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Please ad me as a co-founder.
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Done! Very sorry for the delay, David!
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Thanks John! Great getting to talk to you.
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I love watching this website, it's so good.
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May I join the group? 
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Only if you're a past or present contributing artist to The Line It Is Drawn on Comics Should Be Good!

If you don't know what I'm talking about in the previous sentence, then no, I'm afraid not.
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